Can’t Smile Without You? Oh Yes We Can, Barry!

I wonder why a talented artist like Barry Manilow has to go off the deep end, embrace the killing of preborn babies by acts of abortion and then make a public spectacle of himself in the process. But that is precisely what Barry did and I am totally disgusted by it.

Judie Brown, yours truly, is a long-standing fan of Barry Manilow's music (as is my loving husband). We own every single one of his records and admire his versatility as a musician and a singer. He wows audiences all across this land, so why did he have to ruin it all by making such a silly point about appearing on "The View?"

According to several news reports Manilow backed out of a scheduled appearance on the program because Elizabeth Hasselback was going to be the one interviewing him and, as you know, she is anti-abortion! 

Why does that have anything to do with an interview about his new CD? I personally believe that Manilow had to back out or face the possibility of having to defend his pro-abortion position in a conversation with an articulate television personality like Elizabeth.

He claimed he "cannot compromise his beliefs," but I would ask, if given the opportunity, how it could possibly be a compromise to face someone with an opposing view and be articulate enough to convice the audience of your position. 

Sorry, Barry, your argument does not hold any water with me. Oh yes, and I can smile a whole better without my collection of Manilow CDs. You see, I won't compromise my beliefs either.

If you want Manilow to know what you think, just send your thoughts to his web site. In addition let your money do the talking by boycotting his albums.

Judie Brown