Can You Sneeze A Person?

Just when you think you've heard it all, something comes along to prove that in the arena of the ridiculous, there is always room for one more inane comment.

The Missouri House of Representatives House Health Policy Committee is debating a proposal authored by state representative Jim Lembke. His resolution is an effort to close the loophole in Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment approved by Missourians last November which does allow human cloning.

During the debate a radiologist, Franz Whipple, told the committee, "You can slice it, you can dice it, you can do anything to the word game, but SCNT is cloning."

But Representative J. C. Kuessner disagreed with the manner in which Lembke and his allies were defining human life. He said, "If I sneeze, if you put that sneeze under a magnifying glass, there is life there."

I hardly think mucus equates with a human embryo.