Buy no cookies from these pro-abortion monsters

By Rey Flores

The time for Girl Scout cookies has come around again and you may be faced with the uncomfortable situation at work of a co-worker asking you to buy cookies to support his kid’s Girl Scout troop.

Maybe it’s the neighborhood kid who is a Girl Scout herself and she wants you to buy your usual dozen or so that you’ve bought every year from her—until now.

If, for some crazy reason, you still haven’t heard about the connection between the Girl Scouts of America and Planned Parenthood, let me fill you in a little. You can also share this with your family, friends, and neighbors who still don’t know either.

According to the pro-life website, Girl Scouts USA (GSUSA) is a member of the Coalition for Adolescent Girls, whose international and national agenda specifically supports abortion-related care for adolescent girls. GSUSA is also a core member of the National Council for Research on Women, which supports abortion rights and comprehensive sex ed. And finally for now, GSUSA maintains membership in the National Collaboration for Youth, an organization that promotes comprehensive sexuality education, opposes abstinence-only education, and seeks to ensure access to contraception for all, regardless of age.

Now that you are filled in on why you should not buy any Girl Scout cookies, let me share a recent Facebook conversation I had with a friend.

Clem: “There is a guy at work who usually sells them for his kids. I'm thinking of what to use as an excuse because I don't want to start a conversation about abortion at work. Anyone have any ideas about what to say? I don't eat the cookies, but in the past I would always buy them and give them to someone else. I certainly do not want to support any organization that supports abortion.”

Rey: “Be truthful. Simply say: ‘I'm sorry I won't be able to buy any cookies anymore, mainly because it concerns me that the Girl Scouts support social agendas against my personal and religious beliefs.’ That's it, and walk away. IF they want to know more, simply tell them the truth, because God is going to ask us one day how we handled certain opportunities to bring the truth to people. I realize it's work and you want to avoid any problems, but how will we ever avoid the biggest eternal problem of all (hell), if we don't fight to bring more souls to Christ?”

Clem: “Or I could just say, ‘Okay, when I get a chance,’ but then get too busy and forget to order.”

Rey: “The truth is the kindest thing we can offer to anyone. Whether they like it or not is on them.”

Clem: “Rey, you are right. I agree. But we have to sometimes exercise prudence regarding what we say at work. There are a lot of liberals in charge where I work and I don't want to start a problem. I do not talk about politics, social issues, or religion at work. I'm there to sell food, create repeat customers, and make money for myself and the restaurant. I keep my personal life out of work.”

I’d like to remind everyone that Jesus Christ will one day ask us about all the missed opportunities we had to bring the truth to someone. It may seem like just cookies here, but no matter how uncomfortable a situation may be, it won’t be as “uncomfortable” as an eternity in hell.

Be brave, be strong, and face the truth, because abortion is one ugly truth that must never be concealed.

NOTE: If you are looking for alternatives for your children besides the abortion-friendly Girl Scouts of America and the homosexual-friendly Boy Scouts of America, I encourage you to explore American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA for boys. Both are good, Christian values-focused clubs that offer a much better scouting environment for your children. 

For more information on the connection between Planned Parenthood and the Girl Scouts, follow this link:

Rey Flores is the director of outreach for American Life League. You can e-mail Rey at [email protected]
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