Business off at Planned Parenthood clinics

"As opposition to Planned Parenthood continues to grow around the country, the contraception and abortion giant has quietly reported its first decline in clinic income in more than fifty years," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League.  

According to Sedlak, the clinic income consists of the revenue raised by Planned Parenthood from customer fees at its clinic locations. Such fees include everything from birth control pills to abortions.  

"This latest report is truly historic. Planned Parenthood's records show that, for at least five decades, the group has never experienced a year-to-year decline in clinic income," said Sedlak. "Although the reported decline is small-a $1.7 million decline from a $346.8 million level- it demonstrates that the days of unfettered growth in Planned Parenthood's clinic operations may be over."  

American Life League, through its STOPP project, is the leading opponent of Planned Parenthood's operations and has accumulated financial data from Planned Parenthood going back to the 1950s. Since 2000, clinic income has been the single largest component of Planned Parenthood's revenue.  

"For years," Sedlak added, "we have concentrated our efforts on local fights against Planned Parenthood across the country. As a result, we have seen the net closing of 121 Planned Parenthood clinics in the last 11 years. Now we are presented with evidence that these efforts are also affecting the organization's income.  

"This news is a validation of American Life League's work, and the efforts of faithful people around the country who are exposing Planned Parenthood's agenda and building grassroots opposition to this dangerous organization," Sedlak said.

Release issued: 13 Jun 07