Bush’s comment on Plan B contradicts pro-life stance

"What happened to President Bush's campaign promises of respecting the dignity of every human person and creating a culture of life?" asked Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "Based on his apparent willingness to see the Food and Drug Administration authorize the potentially lethal Plan B drug regimen for women over 18, the president is apparently doing anything but protecting innocent human life. It is unfortunate and sad that politics have once again trumped the innocent babies."

When asked about the Plan B "emergency contraceptive" at a White House news conference this morning, the president responded that it "ought to require a prescription for minors," and that he would support any decision made by the man he's nominated as FDA commissioner, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach.

"It is no secret that Plan B can and does take the lives of newly conceived babies in the days immediately following fertilization," said Brown. "The drug's own manufacturer recognizes this fact; so why can't the rest of the pro-life community and our self-professed pro-life president recognize it as well? President Bush is showing inconsistency in his support for life. He recently vetoed a bill that would allow for extended funding of human embryonic stem cell research because of the potential loss of human life. However, he has no problem lending support to a drug that can do the very same thing he supposedly opposes ? kills human embryos."

American Life League implores President Bush to re-examine his support of Plan B, as well as his support for Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach. "As long as President Bush continues to claim to be pro-life, we urge him to put actions behind his words and pull his support for Plan B at once," said Brown.

Release issued: 21 Aug 06