Bush wants fox in chicken coop

How is that when the director of the FDA resigns, it takes President Bush less than a nanosecond to place Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach, director of the National Cancer Institute, into the role of acting FDA director? Dr. von Eschenbach is a man who has apparently made every effort under the sun to misrepresent the known connections between abortion and breast cancer. This is a man who the president thinks can now run the FDA and the National Cancer Institute.

One wonders if von Eschenbach was chosen because he has a natural affinity for denying truth, fabriating "facts" and dismissing pro-life concerns. If this is so you can expect over the counter approval of the morning after abortion pill, and you can expect nothing but silence on deadly drugs like the abortion chemical Ru-486.

Someone recently wrote that President Bush is "not guilty of moral compromise." I would say that it is possible the president has never met a moral principle he wasn't willing to compromise for political gain. The von Eschenbach recommendation is proof.

For additional resources, see National Cancer Institute workshop: A critique of findings and Early reproductive events and breast cancer: A minority report from Dr. Joel Brind.