Bush Supports Chemical Abortion!

Astounding that it has taken the "left" so long to figure out the obvious, but it's true. Perhaps they don't catch on as quickly as some of us.

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney introduced a letter to the media. No ordinary letter, this one is from the Department of Health and Human Services, and is dated May 25, 2006. In the letter, John Agwunobi of the DHHS confirms [surpirse!?!?!?!] that President Bush is in fact supportive of all kinds of birth control, abortive and otherwise.

The press release from Congresswoman Maloney, Finally, an Answer on Birth Control: Administration Breaks Its Silence, Affirms President's Support for Birth Control, should be not surprise. 

In fact I wonder what took Congresswoman Maloney so long. Bush has been in favor of supporting Planned Parenthood and its so-called family planning chemicals, devices, jams and jellies since he took office. Of course, the letter to Congresswoman Maloney tosses a bone to abstinence education, but gosh …. nary a word from the administration about stripping all money from family planning agencies that exist on lies, deception and adolescent ignorance.

Hello? Who said Bush was pro-life? Not me!