Bryan Brown: A Man For All Seasons

During the contest for Kansas Attorney General this past election cycle, Phill Kline's assistant, Bryan Brown was lionized by the press. As a dedicated pro-lifer he would not succumb to the politically correct idea of not demonstrating and attempting to rescue in front of abortion facilities.


During the early 1990s, Bryan went to jail, thus gaining notoriety as a pro-life activist with a jail record. Subsequently, Phill Kine hired Bryan, who stopped doing rescue missions so that he could earn his law degree–and a finer attorney nobody could ever be. Bryan is brilliant, but his pro-life activism record haunted him because the media felt "obliged" to use it, demonize Bryan and thus create controversy that they hoped would defeat Kline.


They succeeded; but not really.


Kline is right back at it and is doing a great job keeping the focus on abortionist George Tiller. And Bryan is opening a law office in Indiana to pursue his dream of being one of the preborn child's best friends in court.


I am personally so proud of Bryan. I have known him for many years, admire his tenacity, celebrate his faith in God and ask you to pray that his most recent efforts are successful.


The pro-life movement needs more men of courage! Kudos to Bryan Brown.