Brian Rohrbough’s Courage

Even when spokespeople for the National Right to life Committee attacked him, Brian Rohrbough, president of Colorado Right to Life never backed down. He lost his son, Daniel, during the Columbine massacre, and perhaps that helped him see what so many in the pro-life movement refuse to see … that every single preborn child is a person worthy of our defense and the culture's protection.

Rohrbough told the media, "It's good to notify women that children are tortured during the abortion, but it's bad to pass a law that allowed abortions to go on."

He is right on target. The biggest thing wrong with the "Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act" is that it acknowledges a "right" to abortion.

We commend Rohrbough and pray fervently that those who have attacked him will see the error in statements that support such a weak proposal. The longstanding pro-life goals that some have referred to do not include making sure that before a baby is murdered he receives anesthesia.