Brain Death Not Death

New Jersey's Board of Medical Examiners is proposing language to loosen up on regulations regarding how a doctor goes about pronouncing a patient brain dead. It seems that the board wants to provide even more opportunities for unsuspecting patients to wind up dead because a vital organ is taken for transplant purposes while they are still alive.

Steven Drake of the disability rights organization Not Dead Yet told LifeSiteNews, "Any time you loosen the criteria it means that you're going to have more misdiagnoses. It's just a matter of numbers. "

I thnk Drake makes a valid point when he says that up until medical ethicists came up with the term "brain death" which has become the avenue to acquiring vital organs, it didn't exist.  He's right.

If you want to share your viewpoint with the New Jersey Medical Ethics Board during this period of time when they are taking public comments, please visit the board's web site and register your comments.