Bishop Lori: Please Disinvite Ludicris

WASHINGTON, D.C. (14 February 2008) – Judie Brown, President of American Life League, is calling upon Bridgeport, Connecticut Bishop William Lori to intervene at Fairfield University so that the rapper Ludicris is canceled.

“Ludicris is infamous for his lurid lyrics, offensive obscenities and blatant anti-Catholic comments.  Yet tomorrow, February 15th, he is scheduled to present a concert for the students of the Jesuit institution, Fairfield University.  Fairfield is in the diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut and it is therefore fitting that Bishop William Lori, who is responsible for preventing scandal to the best of his ability, would intervene and demand that the concert be canceled.  There is no redeeming value to hosting Ludicris, regardless of the flowery statements being made by the university.

“While Bishop Lori’s blog has not been active since February 1st and it is claimed that he is out of town, there is no way he could help but hear about this scandalous event that is scheduled to occur on the Catholic campus tomorrow evening.  Therefore we beg him to intervene as quickly as possible.”

The sold-out concert is scheduled for Friday, February 15th, 8–11 pm at the Alumni Hall.

Brown has sent a federal express letter to the Father Jeffrey P. von Arx, S.J., President of Fairfield University and to Bishop Lori.  In each letter she has sought their immediate action.

Released: 14 Feb 08