Bill Dies But Hope Lives

February 6, 2007 09:00 AM

Recently Virginia Delegate Robert Marshall introduced a short, definitive bill called The Right to Life Act. Yesterday the legislature voted 43-53 against the bill, but there is good news.

The bill would have guaranteed the right to life of every human being from fertilization. It prompted discussions that need to occur if the pro-life movement is ever to achieve its goal.

One report stated, "By giving embryos the constitutional protection of personhood from the instant of fertilization, abortions of all types would become illegal."


And the same report went on to say, What happens when they (in vitro fertilization labs) have a number of eggs that have been fertilized and they're now entitled to the privileges vested in every person in this commonwealth?"

The answer is ... YOU CANNOT MURDER THEM!

We are praising God that Delegate Marshall introduced this bill, and look forward to seeing it again in the next legislative session when, if we all work hard enough, Virginia will restore personhood to every human being from his beginning.

If you want to thank Delegate Robert Marshall for such a remarkable bill, you may contact him by .

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