Big Brother Under Your Skin

The news becomes a bit more worrisome with each passing day. Just wait till you hear this one.

The The American Medical Association has just announced its endorsement of a device the size of a grain of rice that can be implanted with a needle under the skin of patients. It is claimed that the device "could give emergency room doctors quick access" to information needed to treat the patient.

So what could be wrong with this idea?

I will tell you … plenty! What kind of information will be on this device? Who will make the decisions about it? If you have signed a DNR, will they immediately store you somewhere?  Who will defend your right to treatment if the "device" implanted under your skin suggests that you do not want to be treated?

It is said that the AMA would be concerned about protecting the privacy of the patient, but who else will know what is or is not on that "device" if the patient is unable to communicate and the loved ones are not permitted to read it?

I suspect this could lead to increasing numbers of patients being dismissed from life for a myriad of reasons, including but not limited to scarce financial resources as the baby boomers reach retirement.

To be forewarned is to be protective of your right to life!