Bad stuff comes home to roost

The New Jersey Legal Center for Defense of Life announced a victory for babies! A court has agreed that the center can proceed with its claim for an award of attorneys' fees against the infamous Englewood abortion mill that is known publicly as Metropolitan Medical Services.

This is the very same abortion mill that performs 1,500 partial birth killings every single year. And we are told that for more than 30 years pro-lifers have faithfully assembled outside this place praying for an end to abortion. The ongoing prayerful effort caused consternation to the mill, and they filed a suit demanding a buffer zone.

Now, at long last, the appellate division of the Superior Court of New Jersey has agreed with the Legal Center for Defense of Life that insufficient analysis had been done and so the case is back on track. Please keep the center in your prayers as they return to trial court and ask the judge to award attorneys' fees and thus penalize the abortion mill and its attorneys for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

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