Baby Steps Dvd — Help Us Save Babies

I received an incredible e-mail yesterday, and wanted to share it with you:

I just discovered your "Baby Steps" DVD. I am buying it to bring to sidewalk counseling. I would like to suggest that you start a campaign letting people know that they can use this DVD with a laptop or portable DVD player to show women coming into the abortion clinic.

I will start doing this in Cherry Hill, NJ. They have two abortion clinics, both do abortions 6 days a week, I believe up to the 9th month. Both are easy places to do sidewalk counseling. It is easy to reach the people coming into the clinic from the sidewalk. The clinic on Kings Hwy. has two parking lots filled with "customers" 6 days a week.

Giving the flyers out works too. Five women changed their minds just this Saturday. We need help here. Please spread the news.

It is always a blessing to receive such positive news from pro-lifers who are in the trenches, using our resources to save babies and help mothers choose life. If you have not seen "Baby Steps," you are missing one of the best 4D ultrasound pro-life DVDs in the world. You can take a look here.

Judie Brown