Babies Twisting in the Wind

The phrase “twisting in the wind” is an idiom that frequently refers to those “abandoned to a bad situation.”

There are countless preborn children who fit that definition perfectly; they are victims of politics, tolerance, and so much more.

In case there is some doubt about this, examining recent headlines and responses from pro-life folks regarding abuses perpetrated against the human person gives us some insight. 

Baby with a tornado in the background.For example, Arthur Caplan, PhD, who is one of the creators of the bogus bioethics field, has argued that there really is nothing to be concerned about simply because a baby has “three biological parents.” His argument is that there’s nothing wrong with taking the chance by using a technique that might fix a terrible disease—even if risks are involved. 

Oh my! I scoured top headlines from around our pro-life community to discern if anyone was using this story as an example of the reasons why in vitro fertilization is a practice that never should have been begun and must be ended. While American Life League has consistently taken this position, few appear to concur.

And what about the problematic nature of the birth control pill, most recently tied to the possibility of shrinking the brain of those who use the chemicals to avoid having a baby? Logically, the birth control pill is pollution of the human body ingested for the primary purpose of avoiding the responsibility of accepting a child created during a sexual encounter. In other words, the pill is a recreational drug.

But at the core of these arguments against the pill is the fact that birth control pills can and do abort babies by interfering with their ability to implant in their mother’s womb, thus causing the baby to die of starvation. That is abortion.

Again, where is pro-life opposition to the pill? Well, politicians do not want to talk about it, so many pro-life groups follow their lead. It’s sort of like the blind leading the blind. But where are they all heading?

Fox News reports that, in Kansas, “Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill making his state the first in the nation to ban a controversial second-trimester abortion procedure that critics describe as dismembering a fetus.” The problem with this report is that it is blatantly false. The law in question does not “ban,” but rather regulates which babies can be legally dismembered and which can still be killed. The law has an exception permitting the act if the mother’s life or a major bodily function is jeopardized.

We could say the law is nothing more than a political sop, but let’s be honest. A major national right to life organization wrote the law!

So what’s my point? It is as plain as the nose on your face.

If the entirety of the pro-life movement, including the so-called personhood groups, ever really wants to end all manner of killing innocent individuals from creation to death, then it must unite around the principle that no innocent human being can ever be left behind. Whether that individual is created in a test tube, living in his mother and travelling to the uterine lining, or growing inside the womb of his mother, each is precious and each must be INcluded in our efforts. Not a one of them should be EXcluded.

Until such time as we unite in our call for respecting the dignity of every one of these vulnerable human beings, we will continue to falter and be prey to the political whims of those in charge of partisan agendas. It is just that simple.

Never leave an innocent person twisting in the wind. Someday it might be your life being abandoned because you are in a nursing home, on disability, or suffering a dreaded disease.

Do not stand idly by and watch as things happen in the world around you. Take some action:

Learn the truth about the humanity of the person from creation.

Use resources from American Life League to share the truth with family, friends, pastors, coworkers, and those who think they support aborting human persons.

Find out about our American Life League Culture of Life Studies Program and how you can teach children early on that “life is precious.”