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WSR: 03-23-22

  • WSR
  • 7 min read

Planned Parenthood Receives Funds from Biden
Planned Parenthood App Deceives
Tenacious Pro-Life People Win
Our Tax Dollars
Supreme Court Nominee Jackson

WSR: 2022-03-09

  • WSR
  • 5 min read

In This Issue:

Checking “Facts”
Planned Parenthood’s Botched Abortion
Around the Country

WSR: 01-19-22

  • WSR
  • 13 min read

Please join me in remembering and praying for the soul of a good and humble man, Mr. James W. Sedlak.

Viper Joe

Joe Biden, president of the United States, is definitely not president of all the people. His disdain for babies prior to birth, not to mention his loathing of… 

WSR: 2021-09-08

  • WSR
  • 14 min read

More unrest within Planned Parenthood
New Texas Law and Planned Parenthood
Texas Law — Lyft — Planned Parenthood — $1,000,000
Are you willing to pay the price?

WSR: 2021-08-25

  • WSR
  • 11 min read

Behind the Planned Parenthood numbers
Former employees say “Planned Parenthood is all about abortion”
Planned Parenthood, once again, tries to sneak into town
Now is the time to gear up for sex ed battles

WSR: 2021-08-11

  • WSR
  • 16 min read

Planned Parenthood taxpayer funding– an update
Dr. Wen’s new book
Fighting Planned Parenthood with Matthew
Planned Parenthood permanently closes Monticello center