Aurora Shines Ever Brighter

I have always loved the word "aurora" because of my fascination with the Aurora Borealis. However my love for the good people of Aurora, Illinois surpasses any enthusiasm I have had about mere bright lights in the sky. Pro-life people in Aurora, Illinois are shining the light of God's truth on the wicked practices of Planned Parenthood in a most meaningful way.

Plans for a a new Planned Parenthood facility in the town has sparked the interest of thousands of pro-life Americans. In fact due in no small part to the huge protest last weekend, the city of Aurora has hired an attorney to examine the process that resulted in the approval of the Planned Parenthood facility.

But the shining pro-life stars of Aurora are not sitting around waiting. More pro-life demonstrations are planned and a lot more heat is going to be generated in that city before the dust settles. 

Planned Parenthood sought approval for their new facility under the name of Gemini Health Center, not Planned Parenthood. However this should surprise no one, because when evil is the #1 activity on an organization's agenda, nothing that is ethically questionable is beneath them.