It is above all in raising children that the family fulfils its mission to proclaim the gospel of life. By word and example, in the daily round of relations and choices, and through concrete actions and signs, parents lead their children to authentic freedom, actualized in the sincere gift of self, and they cultivate in them respect for others, a sense of justice, cordial openness, dialogue, generous service, solidarity and all the other values which help people to live life as a gift.


Saint John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 92

Foundations: Building a Culture of Life

When Saint John Paul II talked about the gospel of life or the culture of life, he described in beautiful detail a society built on respect for the human person in all stages of life. Sadly, we see our society falling away from this way of living, but we can restore the value of the human person to its rightful place in society. As parents, you are a part of the vision Saint John Paul II laid out to transform the world.


Where to start? Educate!

As parents, you are the primary educators of your children. By your example, you have the unique ability to raise your children with an attitude of respect for human dignity.
American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program offers numerous educational supplements and tools to assist you in raising the next generation to be effective communicators of the gospel of life. We recognize that parenthood is not an easy job, which is why we have tried to create as many tools as possible to help you spread the culture of life to future generations.
On the Culture of Life Studies website, we offer free puzzles and coloring pages, games, and other fun activities to help teach key pro-life concepts. Download a free copy of the Mini Coloring Book or purchase the Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book and our other supplements for early grade school. Make family reading night an opportunity for learning about the dignity of the human person and help your young children understand the preciousness of every human being's life. We all know that children need to learn respect for life from a young age. As a parent, you have the ability to teach your children the fundamental truth about life on your own terms, protecting their innocence and restoring a sense of wonder for God’s creation.
As children get older, they must be vigilant regarding outside influences. The culture of death is all around us and is often hidden in books, films, and music lyrics. One way to combat these forces is to have routine discussions with your children about the books and movies they enjoy and expose them to books and films that support a culture of life. The Culture of Life Studies Program has created a page of free discussion guides and reviews of popular books and movies. Each discussion guide provides an outline of key themes in the story that support the culture of life and includes discussion questions to help your child think critically about the media he is consuming.
The Culture of Life Studies Program promotes respect for all human beings in every subject and in every grade level. As new supplements are added to our growing catalog of materials, we encourage you to use them to teach your children to not only adopt pro-life values, but also to take those values to the public sector and stand up in defense of all human beings.
The Culture of Life Studies Program provides a wealth of resources to parents and teachers and we strive to help you spread the gospel of life and give you practical tips for living the culture of life in your home. Follow us on Facebook and Pinterest and help spread respect for human beings, from creation until death.

Next Step? Activate!

American Life League's STOPP International exists for the singular purpose of shutting down Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood Federation of America is one of the main destroyers of human beings in the United States. PPFA runs the largest abortion chain in the nation and admits to committing over 300,000 abortions every year. In addition, PPFA is the largest purveyor of sex "education" programs in the United States. These programs rob the innocence of young people and place their immortal souls in danger.
The STOPP program provides the following resources to help you as a parent and family fight Planned Parenthood: 

•    Planned Parenthood Facilities Report
•    Statements made by Catholic bishops regarding Planned Parenthood. 
•    Freedom of Information Law Resources
•    The Birth Rate Collapse
•    The Contraceptive Business at Planned Parenthood 
•    Parent Power!!
•    Margaret Sanger
•    The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

Stay Informed!

Building a culture of life requires vigilance on your part as a parent. It's imperative that you stay informed and lead your child by example. Knowledge of the principles of faith and reason that undergird a culture of life are essential. It's also important to keep abreast of the threats that too easily take hold in our culture today so that you can protect and defend the most vulnerable, even as you pass on the wisdom of a culture of life to your children. 
A great way to stay current is to subscribe to Celebrate Life Magazine. Celebrate Life Magazine offers a unique mix of life-affirming and life-changing articles such as educational exposés, inspirational real-life stories, articles on lifesaving programs and resources, insightful commentary, and much more—vital information that can save lives and souls. Let us uplift, educate, and equip you to build a culture of life! Visit the Celebrate Life website here. 
Day by day and moment by moment, ALL's newsletters, blogs, and commentaries provide you with information and updates, keeping you informed and equipped to build the culture of life in your family and local community. Our publications offer something for everyone. Check them out and sign up to receive one or more today.
Social networks provide even more current information, and at the same time invite your interaction with us and the nationwide community of friends, followers, and fans of American Life League. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, PinterestInstagram and YouTube.

Practice spiritual disciplines celebrating the culture of life.

Families that pray together, stay together and form the core of a culture of life. It goes without saying that daily prayer combined with family and individual devotion and commitment to full participation in your faith community is essential. For Catholics, that means that participation as a family at Sunday Mass, regular confession, and appropriate devotions like the rosary and scripture study are essential. To assist in your prayer life, ALL offers a daily devotion delivered to your inbox each morning. If you do not already receive it, sign up for Encouraging Words on our publications website here.
As a family, combine your faith with action by prayerfully participating in our Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary campaign. In Romans 12:6 we read: “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” The angel in the Bible reveals that Mary was “full of grace” and that she was given extraordinary gifts from God. In this campaign, we call upon Mary to use those gifts to put an end to the reign of terror brought upon us by Planned Parenthood. Make a difference as a family. Find out more here

“Family, be what you are!”

This famous quote, shared by our beloved Saint John Paul II as he addressed families from around the world exemplifies the call embodied in our shared mission to build a culture of life. American Life League is proud to partner with you as you seek to fulfill your mission as a family and more specifically your mission as a parent. We offer all these resources and encouragements to you even as we rely on your generous support to extend our mission and build a culture of life. It's our hope and prayer that we may assist you as you partner with ALL. Let's work and pray together to bring an end to the culture of death by building a culture of life in ourselves, our families, our churches, our communities, the nation, and the world!