Together with the family, teachers and educators have a particularly valuable contribution to make. Much will depend on them if young people, trained in true freedom, are to be able to preserve for themselves and make known to others new, authentic ideals of life, and if they are to grow in respect for and service to every other person, in the family and in society.
Pope Saint John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae 98

Education in the Culture of Life

As an educator, you play a powerful role in spreading the culture of life and respect for the dignity of the human person to the students in your classroom, home school, religious education program, or formation group. In today’s world of violence and deceit, students need a firm foundation in all subjects relating to the care of each human being's life, from creation until death. Students look to you as a role model of living the culture of life, especially if they don’t see that same kind of example in other areas of their lives. In some cases, you might be a child’s only link to learning the truth about abortion, life issues, and the dignity of each human person.

Introducing the Culture of Life Studies Program

American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program is designed to help you, the teacher or homeschooling parent, teach the truth to your students in an easy and comprehensive way. Unlike other educational initiatives that focus on adult education and formation, the Culture of Life Studies Program is geared toward kids in K-12 to help them understand the beauty of all human life and how to defend it.

American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program focuses on instructing students in the culture of life through fully-integrated educational supplements for all subjects, inspiring students use their knowledge and beliefs to enact positive change in the world around them. ALL offers a full-range of supplements for grades K-12, designed to enhance student learning through God-centered critical thinking activities and are flexible enough in duration and activities to suit any school or homeschool curriculum.

Practical Resources that Fit Just Right

Whatever your educational need, ALL can help you get quick facts and arguments about abortion and other life topics, information on how to get involved as an activist, or start a pro-life club with your students. On our page, you can find free lessons, puzzles, and discussion guides to download and use in your classroom.

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