Arnold loses touch again

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican governor of California seems to have lost touch with his identity as a Catholic-again. His recent announcement that California and Canada are collaborating on the pursuit of research involving the direct killing of human embryos in order to acquire their stem cells is not surprising to me, but it should be a wake-up call for Arnold’s bishop.

For some years Schwarzenegger has been a supporter of human embryonic stem cell research, which of course is a direct contradiction of the Catholic Church teaching on the subject. We cannot believe that Arnold does not realize that embryonic stem cell research results in the direct killing of embryonic persons but perhaps he does not need to realize this fact.

For as surely as Schwarzenegger is supportive of this among other ghoulish practices, so too is Cardinal Roger Mahony silent on the entire topic of pro-death Catholics in public life and their resulting unworthiness to receive Holy Communion until they repent of their support for such practices.

As I have pointed out in my book, Saving Those Damned Catholics, when members of the hierarchy are silent on these practices, public figures who claim to be Catholic literally get away with murder.