Are You Ready to March?

January 22 marks the 43rd year decriminalized abortion has allowed for the slaughter of our children. Recognized as a day of mourning by the Catholic Church in the United States and most prominently memorialized in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., this day presents an opportunity for you to demonstrate your hope to see an end to abortion in the America.

As an action item this week, consider attending the March if you have the means. Check your parish or diocesan bulletin to discover if others in your community are attending. Make your plans now. Don’t procrastinate; don’t wait.

Dioceses, parishes, and pro-life organizations offer local options if the trip to the March is not possible. Commit to discovering these and doing something that makes a public statement on January 22 in support of the child in the womb and in memory of the countless children lost to abortion since 1973.

Our bishops are asking the faithful to take on a 9 day novena (prayer) beginning January 16th.  Consider joining with Catholics nationwide.  More information may be found in our calendar listing.  CLICK HERE!

American Life League representatives will join pro-life groups from across the nation in our nations capitol for numerous actions building the culture of life.  We invite you to join us:

January 21 – #Protest PP – A two hour protest at the construction site of a planned abortion facility in our nations capitol.

January 21-22 – March for Life Expo – Join the pro-life community as it gathers and prepares to be a voice for the child in the womb.

January 22 – The March for Life – Join American Life League in our nations capitol.  Be a voice for the child in the womb.  March the Capitol Mall to the Supreme Court, visit your representatives in congress to request they restore rights to the child in the womb.