Anti-life nonsense

Commentary by Judie Brown

Cristina Page recently wrote yet another biting article for the reproductive health conglomerate, one of a seemingly non-stop series of tirades against the people who dare to oppose promiscuity, contraception, abortion and other practices she and her cohorts see as essential to a happy life. In her latest offering, she has set forth her agenda with complete clarity-but with a total lack of common sense. The apparent agenda, quite simply, is to dismiss Christians and pro-life activists as lunatics while elevating the architects of the culture of death to the highest pedestals of secular honor.

This is not a new tactic for Page. She has become an old hand at twisting fact, denying biology and embracing the sexual mores of the day. Her recent book, How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America, practically acknowledges that the number one enemy in the struggle to protect the right to abortion is God Himself.

NARAL Pro-Choice New York welcomed Page into its leadership (as vice president of its Institute for Reproductive Health Access) years ago and has celebrated her tirades time and time again. She is, to put it bluntly, an agent of deception. Deception is, of course, the mainstay of pro-abortion advocacy.

When an interviewer asked her about people like me, she responded, “Their creator has a version of the family that doesn’t include anybody who isn’t interested in procreating.” As if her disdain for all things holy was not bad enough, she has made a profession out of betraying her fellow women by repeating the lie that chemical birth control agents such as the morning-after pill can not cause an abortion.

While I could write more about her volumes of published thoughts, it is important to understand the reasons why, at least in my opinion, she believes what she writes to be true. Her fascination-perhaps even her obsession-with sexual activity is at the core of her being. For instance, she once wrote that pro-lifers opposed over-the-counter distribution of the morning-after pill because it would loosen the “sexual chains” which, she opines, “keep society marching in place.”

In truth, the “sexual chains” have all but disintegrated over the past 40 years, due in no small measure to the acceptance of contraception and abortion. In the past, awareness of an out-of-wedlock pregnancy required parents to act responsibly and accept the result of their sexual practices. Not any more.

Between sex education imposed on even the youngest of our children and freely offered referrals to abortion chains (and government funding of same), the majority of Americans now display disrespect for the human person, disregard for the basic moral tenets of a civil society and disassociation from the Creator. Page knows this; she celebrates it and she continues to insist that anything of God must be very wrong and anything resulting from sinful sexual activity must be very good indeed.

This last assessment frequently brings frowns to the brows of even some who are pro-life. “Dare we discuss sin in a public way?” they ask. “Isn’t it immediately going to put off the people on the street to remind them that actions have consequences and immoral actions can have eternally devastating results?”

Such questions are foolish when one faces the truth head on. The truth is that the so-called pro-choice movement is anti-God. If pointing out the evil associated with the culture of death is not a mandate for those of us in the pro-life movement who know and respect the truth, then we might as well pile all our goodies into a duffel bag and wave goodbye.

We cannot give up, for that would be capitulating to those who favor death over life-including many people who insist on equating people with animals and plants. The only thing that separates human beings from the rest of the living earth is the immortal soul: our identity as people created by God to live in service to Him.

I am grateful to Page for calling us names such as “the God Squad” and “the anti-choice brigade.” It’s a diversionary tactic designed to mask her denial of the simple scientific facts that represent the foundation of our opposition to abortion.

She denies that a human being’s life begins when the human sperm and human egg unite. She cites an official bit of gobbledygook that says pregnancy does not begin until around eight days later, at implantation. In doing so she is carrying on the long, disastrous folly the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology foisted upon women more than 40 years ago. In 1965 this august body of physicians, on the brink of making a whole lot of money by selling birth control pills, chose to redefine the start of pregnancy so they could deny to their patients that the pill can kill a preborn child.

While that story does not change the scientific facts, the vast majority of Americans believe it, which is precisely what the proponents of sexual satiety desire. So the proposition of sexual relations without consequences is good for business. Indeed it brings a fortune to those who deal with the results: escalating cases of sexually transmitted disease, infertility and, of course, unintended pregnancy. When your principles are grounded in your pocket book rather than God’s truth, what have you got to lose?

That is precisely where Page is coming from. So while she may provide solace and reason for celebration among her peers, the tragic consequences of her flim-flam are all around us. That is at least reason enough for me to mention once again that when a human being feels disdain for God and finds pleasure in sinful actions, there is a need to be concerned not only for the individual soul but for the entire culture. Both are at risk.

As Pope John Paul II stated on many occasions, we must call evil by its proper name. It may not be politically correct. It may not be music to the ears of the pollsters. But truth is what it is.

Release issued: 30 Aug 07