Another Collection of Inane Planned Parenthood Facebook Posts

Another Collection of Inane Planned Parenthood Facebook Posts

Not all public funding consists of reimbursements, but all reimbursements with taxpayer money are technically public funding. Hospitals receive public funding, schools receive public funding, and clinics receive public funding. But Planned Parenthood—galactic champion of semantic gymnastics—wants to demonize opponents who vote to cut off all of its government revenue.

What Planned Parenthood calls reimbursements a sensible person would call price gouging. The abortion giant is notorious for buying birth control pills at bottom dollar, then demanding Uncle Sam pay it back 900 percent.

And since we’re on the topic of Planned Parenthood’s semantic back handspringing, take the following Planned Parenthood quiz.

The formulation of the “Birth control causes abortion” question is misleading. First, it’s missing a third option: “sometimes.” Birth control covers the whole gamut of methods. It has to be specified as either hormonal or non-hormonal for the question to make any sense. Non-hormonal methods like the condom don’t cause abortions, but hormonal methods can—not that they DO ALWAYS cause abortions, but they CAN sometimes.

Second, Planned Parenthood insists on abortion being the “termination of a pregnancy.”  If you’re an abortion advocate, then pregnancy begins at implantation, not fertilization. Therefore, any talk of a developing human embryonic child is irrelevant if he never implants at all.

Ohh, so Planned Parenthood DOES know hormonal birth control kills an embryonic child. Riiiiiiight. Maybe Planned Parenthood thinks abortion isn’t killing an embryonic child, just little human fetuses with arms and legs. Planned Parenthood will never win a medal for consistency.

When Planned Parenthood isn’t making up the meaning of words, it’s making up rights. Picked fresh from its steaming pile of festering lies is this:

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Do you know YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO FREE BIRTH CONTROL? It’s right there in the Bill of Rights next to the right of bodily autonomy! Thank you, James Madison.

In the meantime, Planned Parenthood continues its 100-year obsession with sex:


Yes, you read that right. Planned Parenthood says it has a “vagenda.” That’s just “ew!”