America’s Infamous Killers

Those who make their living by taking the lives of preborn babies and generally deceiving or otherwise victimizing the mothers of those babies are individuals who, at least in my opinion, already have a credibility problem. They are people who have little to no compassion for anyone – let alone the mother – who, if given the chance for real help, would never darken the door of their business establishment.

So when I read about one of them getting caught actually breaking a law that matters to law enforcement, I was not all that shocked. But recent events have made me furious! I just have to tell you about three of these monsters so that you can share my frustration with the law and the culture.

Let's start with Bertha Bugarin in California. She is an unlicensed abortionist who was recently arrested and jailed on 10 felony counts and one misdemeanor count for practicing medicine and prescribing drugs without a license. If convicted, she faces nine years in prison. Her sister is charged with four counts of collaborating in the sham.

Bugarin had no medical training, but at the same time, she owned five abortion mills in California and has been pretending to be an abortionist while her sister was aiding and abetting her in the dangerous business that, thanks to pro-life leader Troy Newman, has finally been exposed. As Newman told the media,

Bugarin has had a heck of a time keeping abortionists over the years and has always hired the very bottom of the barrel. It looks like when she couldn't get one of her quack abortionists in the office, she did the job herself. Bertha is a predator who has a mercenary attitude about abortions. Laws mean nothing to her, as is the case with so many abortionists. She has been quoted as preferring to target Hispanic communities with her mills, presumably since women there may not be in the country legally and will be less likely to report problems. The sooner Bertha and all of her cohorts are behind bars, the better.

Take a moment and think about the fact that if Bugarin had been pretending to be an eye surgeon or a neonatal specialist, she never would have had the chance to harm anyone for she would have been apprehended immediately! Not so for this would-be abortionist. It took years for the law to catch up with this woman.

And in case you thought that was the most horrific item you could have read about today, think about abortionist Hamid Sheikh in Lexington, Kentucky, whose practices were described by one reporter as "hellish." 

Sheikh is reported to have defrauded Medicaid out of thousands of dollars and is accused of running a dirty facility with unsanitary conditions, including soiled hospital gowns and bloodied surgical equipment. It seems that at one point there was biohazard waste in the facility that had been there for three months. Again, I have to ask you – what if this had been a legitimate medical office for a pediatrician or a dermatologist? Do you think it would have stayed open long enough for biohazard to collect at all? Hardly!

How will the "safe and legal" trade that profits from killing babies and maiming mothers explain away Sheikh's actions, as well as Bugarin's? What can anyone say about this, other than that such practices should be outlawed once and for all, regardless of who the "beneficiaries" are alleged to be?

One of the things I learned from writing about these merchants of despair and death is that, in the state of Kentucky, there are no inspections of abortion providers. And, as WHAS-TV reported, "According to what seven of Sheikh's unhappy former patients told the Kentucky medical licensure board, some of those abortions were excruciatingly painful, unsanitary and illegal."

Of course, Sheikh is claiming that he has been doing this for the last 33 years and never had a complaint registered against him until last year. Now of course, in my opinion, anyone who believes that is probably someone who also believes in tooth fairies and fairy godmothers.

Ah well, moving on from Kentucky for a moment; let's discuss the nation's most infamous abortionist, George Tiller of Kansas. Apparently he has a fan club.

In the June 23 edition of the New York Times,

Suzanne Poppema, who happens to be the chairman of the board of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health tells readers in a letter to the editor that Tiller is a heroic figure who will "safeguard women's health, performing abortions – safely and with great compassion – that few doctors in the country have the training to handle."

This is the same physician who recently had to appear before a grand jury and is one of the few in the nation who actually specializes in doing away with babies during their last two months in the womb. So far, he hasn't been arrested or put out of business. Perhaps his infamous practices have simply evaded the watchful eye of law enforcement!

I did notice, however, that Poppema did not take the opportunity, while extolling the virtues of one abortion practitioner, to carry on about Sheikh or Bugarin. Perhaps she is saving that for another letter. Time will tell.

Truth be told, whether we care to admit it or not, every abortionist is actually a criminal because taking the life of a preborn child is, according to the natural law, an act of murder. The fact that America's laws at present are at odds with rationality does not make abortion any less of a heinous crime. And that is precisely why the questionable legality of the practice should inspire each of us to expose its grimy realities as Troy Newman has so successfully done in the last couple of weeks.

It takes all sorts of dedicated people to persist in the pro-life effort. But when we learn about the devastation caused by some who either pretend to be or do a very bad job of being abortionists, we have to examine the reasons why such stories are not on the national news, covered in the major papers or otherwise brought to the attention of the public. We know, from all the studies and surveys we have read, that the vast majority of people still do not think about abortion in terms of crime, grime and slime.

Until they do, whether your name is Tiller, Sheikh or Bugarin, you are going to get away with murder unless, of course, you do something really awful like defraud the government or forget that you're not really a doctor after all.

Hypocrisy abounds, but truth will eventually win the day. You can count on it. I hope we can count on you to be part of the solution.