American Life League Remembers Professor Charles Rice

Washington, DC—Judie Brown, president of American Life League, reacted to the death of pro-life hero Professor Charles Rice with the following statement:

I was sincerely saddened and moved to tears upon hearing of the passing of my dear friend, Professor Charles Rice. From the first days of American Life League’s founding in 1979, Professor Rice was there at our side, guiding our principles, explaining the natural law, and exposing the ways manmade laws stood in the way of saving all the babies. He never disappointed us or ignored our nearly constant pleas for help and advice. He was the driving force behind the early language of what we call the personhood imperative. He and Nellie Gray led the way with style and intellectual honesty from the start.

Of all the books Dr. Rice wrote, we were especially grateful for No Exception: A Pro-Life Imperative. This book was so succinct and clear in the natural law principles Rice enunciated that it was impossible not to understand the no exceptions position once the book was digested. From 1990, when it was first published, it was required reading for every newly hired American Life League staff member. To this day there is no other book like it, but then again, there is no other man of the integrity and tough-mindedness that was Dr. Rice's hallmark.

I recall the many late-night calls I made to him when, stymied by an argument someone had thrown my way or a discussion point I felt needed more clarification, there was nobody else to ask. He always called me “kid,” and from the first days of our budding friendship I always called him Charlie.

Professor Rice was a solid Catholic, a remarkable educator, a legal mind like no other, and of course a Marine. His mental toughness made him a great champion for the babies, for the family, and for the truth. His defense of Humanae Vitae, among other Catholic documents, was awe-inspiring. His lectures to our staff were more than memorable. His sense of humor was uniquely Irish—probably because he was Irish to his core.

Professor Charles E. Rice will be sorely missed. May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen.

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