American Life League President Calls for Catholic Support of Personhood

“Dismayed but not discouraged by the hesitancy of the Colorado Catholic Conference”


WASHINGTON, D.C. (03 March 2008) – Judie Brown, president of American Life League, responds to the recent statement from the Colorado Catholic Conference on the personhood ballot initiative.


"I am dismayed but not discouraged by the hesitancy of the Colorado Catholic Conference to provide wholehearted support to the Colorado for Equal Rights campaign for personhood,” said Brown. “American Life League has been familiar with this effort since its inception last year and is honored to provide educational support for the best ways to help the people of Colorado understand the personhood of the child from the first instant of his or her creation.”


The personhood ballot initiative of Colorado for Equal Rights was introduced by 20-year-old law student Kristi Burton. The initiative simply states that “the terms ‘person’ or ‘persons’ shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization.” Last week, after Colorado for Equal Rights spokesman Keith Mason included three Catholic bishops among those personally supporting the initiative, the Colorado Catholic Conference denied the bishops’ personal endorsements.


“As Colorado for Equal Rights continues in its quest to get the signatures necessary to place the initiative on the ballot, American Life League will continue to focus attention on the personhood of the preborn Americans by creating the kind of motivational education required for this and all personhood proposals to succeed,” concluded Brown. “Our goal, shared by so many in Colorado and around the nation, is to see the end of abortion. This will come about only when personhood is legally declared for all human beings, born and preborn.”


Released 04 Mar 08

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