American Life League Congratulations Pro-Life Wisconsin

Pro-Life Wisconsin Celebrates Twenty Years of Changing Hearts and Minds for the Protection of all Human Beings from Creation to Death

Washington, D.C. – In commemoration of Pro-Life Wisconsin's twentieth anniversary, Paul E. Rondeau, executive director of American Life League, issued the following statement:

We applaud and congratulate Pro-Life Wisconsin for two successful decades in protecting and fighting for the dignity of every human life.

In its 20 years of working to build a culture of life, Pro-Life Wisconsin has been instrumental in defunding abortion at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and redirecting $1 million away from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin—-part of the largest abortion chain in America.

We celebrate this great organization, its courageous leadership team, and their outstanding achievements for life. We are honored and proud to have Pro-Life Wisconsin as an ALL Associate group fighting for babies and winning in Wisconsin.


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