American Life League Condemns Forced Abortion Being Considered By Nevada Judge

The evolving court case in Nevada on government-mandated abortions, usurping individual rights and infringing on religious freedom, is both a sad commentary and a klaxon warning of the growing assault on freedom in this great country.  

It is particularly confounding that, with families already waiting to adopt this baby (even if he or she is a special needs child), courts will defend abortion as a right to privacy; but when a parent decides to keep a child, the court does not automatically assume that same legal precept.

Uninvited and without compelling interests, the state has intruded into a private matter to suggest, under the guise of health risks, that aborting a child because the mother is mentally disabled supersedes both the legal guardians' and mother's wishes.

We urge the residents of Washoe County, Nevada—-and the nation—-to protest this attempt by the government to impose the basest form of secularism on private citizens, contrary to common sense, our Constitution, and our traditions.

While we pray for the preborn child, this young woman, and her parents, we also pray for this judge.


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