American Life League Commends Bishop Loverde on His Stance to Defend the Faith

According to Bishop Loverde, "Recognizing our Catholic identity and the immutable truths of our faith, we must make the best decision we can according to our consciences, properly informed by the Church's official teaching."

With all people of faith under increasing pressure from a government that has become more and more secular and intrusive—-and especially on behalf of millions of Catholics nationwide—-I commend His Excellency on taking a strong stand in encouraging each of the faithful to cast a vote informed by their Christian conscience.

If Catholics practicing and living "faith in our communities as full citizens" puts particular candidates at a disadvantage, that is of their own making. Christians exercising their constitutional right—-and obligation—-to vote as informed by their conscience is only as it should be if we are to remain a free democracy that stands upon freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the rule of law.


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