American Life League Calls on Vatican Synod to Discuss Planned Parenthood

American Life League Calls on Vatican Synod to Discuss Planned Parenthood

Washington, DC—American Life League today requested that the Vatican’s Synod of the Family formally take up Planned Parenthood as a point of discussion. ALL’s hope is that such discussion would lead to Planned Parenthood being declared an enemy of the Church.

ALL vice president Jim Sedlak stated, “The Synod of the Family is the most appropriate place for discussion about Planned Parenthood among the bishops. The synod’s working document lays out several key entry points for such a discussion to take place.”

Sedlak pointed to a series of commentaries issued by ALL that show how Planned Parenthood meets the description in the Vatican’s working document as a force opposed to the family.

“We continue to pray that the bishops will recognize Planned Parenthood as the greatest enemy the family faces today,” Sedlak continued.

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The commentaries mentioned above were published by American Life League on 9/17/20149/23/2014, and 10/1/2014.

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