American Life League Calls for Further Action against PBS

Washington, DC—-Buoyed by its partial success in getting After Tiller off the air in some PBS markets and rescheduled to later times in others, American Life League is calling for continued pressure on PBS. PBS, a publicly funded network, continues to air the late-term abortion-promoting film online as part of its Point of View programming.

Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, stated: “Thousands of pro-lifers responded to our call to action, flooding PBS with e-mails and phone calls demanding they not air this obvious piece of pro-abortion propaganda. Two PBS stations heeded the call. ( Now PBS wants to continue ramming this so-called documentary down Americans’ throats by offering it streaming online.”

“Pro-lifers should continue letting their voices be heard,” Sedlak added. “PBS is allowing these abortionists to victimize Americans’ minds right in their own living rooms.”


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