ALL welcomes South Dakota abortion law

American Life League president Judie Brown issued this statement following Gov. Mike Rounds' signing of a bill that bans abortion in South Dakota:

American Life League welcomes the South Dakota bill which outlaws all medical and surgical abortions in the state without exception (despite news reports claiming there is an exception for life of the mother).

We are particularly encouraged that the bill specifically defines a human being’s life as beginning at fertilization.

Planned Parenthood has already announced its intention to challenge the bill in court. It is possible that this challenge may make it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. We are praying that the U.S. Supreme Court will use this bill, and its definition of a human being, as a vehicle to declare the personhood of pre-born children as beginning at creation.

We disagree with those who worry that the timing is not right for the bill. We firmly believe that it is the responsibility of the pro-life movement to always push as hard as possible for full protection of every baby. As much as we humans try to convince ourselves that we can determine the exact time when certain legislation should be passed, the reality is that it is God’s time that is important.

We pray that God will use the efforts of the people in South Dakota and other states to bring a full recognition of the personhood of every human being from its point of creation to its death.



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