ALL Welcomes 4 New Associates to National Network

ALL continues to grow it's national network of Associates.  We are pleased to welcome the following new groups and encourage you to visit their sites:


St. Gerard Campus, Inc.

St. Gerard Campus, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit community consisting of a pregnancy resource center, maternity home and Christian high school (with on-site teaching daycare) for pregnant teenagers located in St. Augustine, Florida.  The St. Gerard Residency Program allows pregnant teenagers and their babies to live at St. Gerard Campus while attending school.  Established in 1981 and expanded in 1983, St. Gerard Campus has since been providing aid, education and inspirational guidance to the young women who choose life for their little ones. 


Lifeline Resources, Inc.

Lifeline Resources, Inc. began last November as the result of discussions during a women’s Bible study.  The women, who each had some experience with a crisis pregnancy center, believed that the local high school and college campuses in Jacksonville, Florida desperately needed pro-life attention since Planned Parenthood has its “feet firmly planted” in them.  The staff at Lifeline Resources is working to develop relationships and increase contacts to bring pro-life education to these campuses. 


Life Choices Women’s Care

While Lutz, Florida is not currently home to an abortion provider, until 2009, neither was it home to a pregnancy resource center.  Life Choices Women’s Care Center was developed to meet that PRC need and, as of March this year, the center is able to offer free nursing assessments, pregnancy testing, prenatal vitamins, and limited obstetrical ultrasounds by licensed medical staff.  Life Choices Women’s Care seeks to further educate the community on the life issues and to work with other pro-life organizations in the area. 


Respect Life Ministry – Archdiocese of Miami

The Respect Life Ministry of the Archdiocese of Miami has been operating since the late 1970’s with the mission of upholding the sanctity and dignity of all human life.  It’s definitely a full time job in an area which is third in the number of abortions committed per year (behind New York and California) and the location of the largest concentration of abortion providers per capita.  The Ministry’s primary pro-life activities include five pregnancy care centers, educational outreach to 110 parishes and Catholic school pro-life presentations.  The Ministry has as its future goals to more strongly catechize Catholics on the life issues, establish a strong men’s outreach program and to equip its pregnancy centers with ultrasound.