ALL to intensify efforts against Planned Parenthood

"Planned Parenthood is an evil organization," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League, "and we are going to do everything in our power to oppose Planned Parenthood and its agenda in 2007."

Mrs. Brown said Planned Parenthood is set to move forward aggressively in 2007, "and we must be ready to move forward just as aggressively to stop its plans. We at American Life League are rededicating ourselves to an all-out effort to expose the truth about Planned Parenthood, creating such discontent that people turn away from this organization, its products, its services and its ideals."

ALL's battle against Planned Parenthood is much like the battle of David against Goliath. "David won that battle," said Mrs. Brown, "because he put his trust in God. Planned Parenthood is taking clear aim against the people of God, just as Goliath did. A study of Planned Parenthood's operations shows clearly that it is enticing people, especially our children, into rejecting biblical values. We who fight this contemporary giant must put our faith in God, just as David did, if we hope to prevail."

Mrs. Brown is asking all faith-based organizations fighting Planned Parenthood to establish prayer support groups for their efforts in 2007. "We need every bishop, every priest, every pastor, and every religious person to pray for the success of the fight against Planned Parenthood," she said. "We need to pray for stamina to continue the battle. We need to pray for more people to join the effort. We need to pray for Planned Parenthood employees to see the truth about the organization and leave their jobs. We need to pray for the organization's customers to reject the false values of the nation's number one abortion chain and simply stop patronizing Planned Parenthood."

"Planned Parenthood has experienced a net decline of 121 'health' clinics over the past 11 years," said American Life League vice president Jim Sedlak. "With the help and the prayers of people all across the country and the grace of God, we are confident that Planned Parenthood will be left with fewer customers this year in communities all across the country, an economic tidal wave that will result in even more 'closed' signs on Planned Parenthood's doors in city after city after city."

Release issued: 27 Dec 06