ALL: Supreme Court decision says government can mandate taxpayers pay for abortifacients

Washington, DC—-“While on the surface today’s Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case appears to be a victory for religious liberty,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League, “a careful reading of the decision reveals problems for the future.”

“In what it admits is a very narrow ruling, the Court bought the argument that the government has a ‘compelling interest’ in providing free abortifacient products to women,” explained Brown. “It only objected to the government making for-profit business owners pay for those products. The Court specifically explained that the government could potentially solve the problem by offering for-profit businesses the same accommodation that is offered to the nonprofit sector—-the same accommodation that is the subject of numerous lawsuits.”

“The Court also specifically said the government could solve the problem by just paying for all contraceptives itself—-including the abortifacient ones,” Brown continued. “Of course, the only money the government has comes from taxpayers. Thus, the Supreme Court, in deciding this case, told the government that money taken from taxpayers—-many of whom have the same objections as the business owners in this case—-can be used to pay for these abortifacient products.”

“While today’s decision is a victory for the for-profit businesses who brought the case,” Brown concluded, “it appears to simply continue the slide of America into hedonism. America is no longer a country that hails truth over falsehoods. It has been reduced to a conglomeration of institutions willing to settle for the ‘least burdensome’ way to embrace evil. May God have mercy on us.”


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