ALL Slams Anti-Catholic Bigot Bill Maher’s Appearance on ‘Larry King Live’

Washington, D.C. (19 August 2008) – American Life League is asking its 300,000 supporters to call the Larry King Live show Tuesday night, August 19, and ask Bill Maher why he hates Catholics.

The HBO talk show host will appear on Larry King's cable show to talk about politics and his show Real Time. Maher's latest project, Religulous, is a "mockumentary" whose title is a combination of the words "religious" and "ridiculous."

Maher makes no secret of his hatred for religion: "I have hated the Church way before anyone else," Maher said in 2002.

But the comedian's long history of anti-Catholic vitriol came to a head in April, at the time of Pope Benedict XVI's first apostolic visit to America. On his show, Maher claimed that Pope Benedict XVI "used to be a Nazi," called the Catholic Church "the Bear Stearns of organized pedophilia" and said, "If you have a few hundred followers, and you let some of them molest children, they call you a cult leader. If you have a billion, they call you 'pope.'"

ALL has collected over 30,000 signatures on its web site since April. The organization demands that Time Warner fire Bill Maher for his hate speech and now asks those same supporters to voice their concerns on Larry King Live.

"Why is Larry King giving this guy yet another platform to spew hate-filled propaganda against millions of Catholics?" asked Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "Why are we letting this kind of bigotry stand? There's been enough anti-Catholicism in this country; we don't need Larry King and Bill Maher fanning the flames of hate."

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to death. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.