ALL, Indiana speak out on Planned Parenthood

“Planned Parenthood is directly responsible for the deaths of 4 million preborn babies, which brought them hundreds of millions of dollars in profit,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. “The 75th anniversary celebration in Indianapolis was a celebration of killing for money.”

Sedlak’s statement is joined by the voices of prominent Indiana officials, who are speaking out against Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s 75th anniversary celebration.

“The truth is that the tragedy of abortion has killed tens of millions of babies in this country. As a nation, we need to be much more cognizant of those we elect to public office, especially regarding where they stand on the issue of life,” said Indiana State Senator Jeff Drozda. “This 75th threshold is not a day to celebrate, but to mourn those who are not with us.”

Senator Drozda is joined in his stand against Planned Parenthood by Senator Greg Walker, who said, “Planned Parenthood’s origins have incredibly racist roots, especially given that Margaret Sanger actively campaigned to use eugenics to eradicate blacks and Hispanics. It is amazing that Planned Parenthood has been able to so effectively hide these racist beginnings. Their 75th anniversary really is a celebration of ethnic cleansing.”

Sr. Diane Carollo, SGL, of the Diocese of Indianapolis said, “What are the specific achievements of this organization?  At Planned Parenthood facilities today unborn babies are mutilated and destroyed by abortion. Countless post-abortive women and men suffer tremendous agony, grief, guilt and shame because of their "choice."  Planned Parenthood facilities promote and provide contraceptives, engendering promiscuous behavior in young people, leading to sexually transmitted diseases and even death. What does Planned Parenthood have to offer society? Nothing worth supporting financially, and everything worth rejecting for the sake of decency and the well-being of our society.”

Yesterday afternoon, Sedlak joined Indiana pro-lifers for a prayerful vigil in front of the Indiana Roof Ballroom in Indianapolis, where Planned Parenthood held its gala.

“Planned Parenthood presents the single greatest threat to the children of this generation,” said Eric Slaughter, co-chairman of 40 Days for Life – Indianapolis. “We’re so glad that Mr. Sedlak could join with us, to pray and represent the millions of pre-born children who have been forever silenced by the nation’s largest abortion provider.”

Release issued: 2 Oct 07