All in a week’s work for Planned Parenthood

Commentary by David Brandao

The other working title for this article was “Meet the Manipulators.” That accurately assesses the common thread running through a number of seemingly unrelated occurrences involving Planned Parenthood. Put them all together, though, and a big picture starts to develop. It isn’t pretty. It’s the Planned Parenthood that Planned Parenthood doesn’t want you to see.

Some of this story almost seems comical. It was Harry Potter week, with a new book in the stores and a new movie in the theaters. Planned Parenthood of New York City seized the moment and brought a vintage 2004 page back to its web site: “Harry Potter: Prisoner of Hormones?” This page is basically an appeal to author J.K. Rowling to add sex ed to the curriculum at Hogwarts, the boarding school for young wizards that Harry and his friends attend.

Planned Parenthood wants to get to kids; what better way than trying to sneak into the books and movies that young people are willing to stand in line for? Planned Parenthood asks Rowling to consider the possibilities of “Professor Trelawney with her ‘inner eye’ using astrology and fortune telling to help teen wizards know their feelings.” Fortunately, the book series is complete, and there will be no academic revisions at Hogwarts in the print version. One wonders, though, if there could be any Planned Parenthood attempt to influence the screenwriters for the movie versions of the final two Harry Potter books.

In another instance, Planned Parenthood called upon its own wizardry to turn a human being into an “it.” There’s a move afoot in Colorado to amend the state constitution with a simple phrase: "the terms person or persons shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization." That would in effect ban abortion, which would be bad for business at Planned Parenthood.

So Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains issued a statement, noting that it opposes defining "an egg as a person." The amendment, of course, does no such thing, as even high school biology books can tell you that once fertilization occurs, there’s no more egg. The two cells-egg and sperm-have united into one. That one cell has genetic material from both parents and is, in fact, a unique human individual-Planned Parenthood’s linguistic magic notwithstanding. But Planned Parenthood presents its statement as fact, and the Associated Press took the bait by referring to “fertilized eggs” in its reports.

Feeling cocky about its ability to disguise the identity of a single-celled entity, Planned Parenthood seems to be trying the same trick with buildings now. The Chicago Tribune reports that for some time, a building under construction in suburban Aurora had a sign outside that read “Gemini Health Center.” Now that construction is almost complete, the owner is preparing to change the sign. The owner is Planned Parenthood.

The local Planned Parenthood executive admitted to a Tribune reporter that the secrecy was deliberate. The bottom line is that if people had known who was moving into the neighborhood, there would have been protests. Planned Parenthood doesn’t like protests. But now that the word is out, protests will begin.

Protests, however, are now common in another location where Planned Parenthood is trying to move-Portland, Oregon. The proposed location there was a secret as well; Planned Parenthood was working through a group called Beach Street Partners, which would build the building and then sell it to Planned Parenthood. But the secret there got out.

The Portland location is in a minority neighborhood, close to a Muslim worship center. Members of numerous faith groups have united in their efforts to keep Planned Parenthood out. Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers of nearby Immaculate Heart Catholic Church told the Oregon Catholic Sentinel, "When we allow abortion, we actually assist in and encourage the elimination of our race, something that hate groups could not accomplish for decades in this country."

It’s no wonder, then, that Planned Parenthood closely guarded its stealth tactics in Chicago.

While Planned Parenthood noted that its new Illinois facility was built largely with private donations, Planned Parenthood currently gets a large percentage of its income from the American taxpayer. In fact, Planned Parenthood acts as if it is entitled to that tax money, and goes to great lengths to protect this source, which put $305 million in its coffers during its last reported fiscal year-money from federal, state and local taxpayers.

Many people do not realize that even county governments help fund Planned Parenthood. This was brought out recently in Longview, Washington, were Cowlitz County commissioners voted to subsidize a one-day-a-week clinic operated by Planned Parenthood. The clinic had shut down earlier this year, as it served only a few people and it was too costly to operate. Planned Parenthood has asked for $10,000 to return to Longview, and commissioners are willing to deal.

Planned Parenthood had to circle the wagons on Capitol Hill recently, as an amendment sponsored by Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) threatened to strip $70 million earmarked for Planned Parenthood from the federal Title X family planning package. Pence’s amendment failed 189-231, as Planned Parenthood supporters in the U.S. House sounded as if they were reading straight from the organization’s talking points during floor debate.

Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) said, “Planned Parenthood is the nation's leading reproductive health care provider. For over 90 years Planned Parenthood has provided low-income, uninsured and underinsured women with vital reproductive health care services they need.” Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) added, “I oppose this amendment, which is nothing less than an attack on the nation's most trusted source of reproductive health services and information.” That part about “most trusted” is practically verbatim from the Planned Parenthood web site.

That trustworthiness, however, is called into question by news from California, where for the second time in two months, Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties has been hit with a medical malpractice lawsuit. This time, it’s a woman who says Planned Parenthood failed to tell her she had cervical cancer, and then tried to cover its tracks. The earlier suit was filed by survivors of a woman who died following an abortion.

All of these events unfolded in a bit more than a week. During an average week, it should be noted, Planned Parenthood performs 5,095 abortions. As mentioned, you paid for much of this; tax dollars account for about one third of Planned Parenthood’s total income. You’re paying for deception and death. Don’t be fooled by smoke and mirrors.

Release issued: 30 Jul 07