ALL demands retraction of Waxman report

"Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) has unleashed a deceptive document to the American public, and we think he should be called to task," said American Life League president Judie Brown. "Using his position on the House Committee on Government Reform, Rep. Waxman has publishing erroneous information in his quest to stop pro-life pregnancy centers from doing their life-saving work. We find this absolutely intolerable and refuse to let it rest. Mr. Waxman must retract this report."

Rep. Waxman's view that "It's wrong to pour millions of federal dollars into organizations that are providing false health information to vulnerable teens" was allegedly based on factual evidence. "But the reality is that Waxman fudged on statements in published medical articles and misrepresented the truth in order to smear those with whom he disagrees," said Mrs. Brown.

In one instance, Waxman quoted from a medical journal article to state that prior abortions did not contribute to premature birth or low birth weight in later pregnancies. However, other respected peer reviewed sources found that previous abortions do increase the risk. Other published articles reach conclusions that differ from Waxman's accounts. "These articles indicate that abortion indeed does affect subsequent pregnancies; it can cause miscarriage and it is not safe for either babies or their mothers," said Mrs. Brown.

"As I told Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.), chairman of the Committee on Government Reform, Waxman is doing precisely what he accuses pro-lifers of doing. He is not telling the truth," she said. "I'm asking Rep. Davis to set the record straight, and I'm asking Mr. Waxman to retract the report. Letting this report go uncorrected would be a huge disservice to the public, and most especially to mothers and to the babies."

Release issued: 21 Jul 06