ALL delivers petitions urging Alito’s approval

As the Senate Judiciary Committee prepares to vote on the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito today, American Life League delivered thousands of petitions signed by citizens across the country urging senators to approve his appointment. "The senators participating in today's vote must hear the voice of the people," said David Bereit, executive director of American Life League. "Following committee approval, Judge Alito then deserves a prompt up or down vote in the Senate. These petitions urge lawmakers to afford him that right, and then approve his nomination."

Representatives from American Life League hand delivered petitions received through the mail and via the web site to Judiciary Committee offices. The petitions state: "Judge Alito deserves a prompt confirmation vote before the Senate. Along with millions of Americans who expect you to do the right thing without respect to your personal or political affinities, I urge you to act honorably in this matter and give Judge Alito's nomination the swift approval it deserves."

"Judge Alito's confirmation to the nation's highest court is of vital importance for the pro-life movement," said Bereit. "Judge Alito's record suggests that he will interpret the Constitution as it was written. This gives us great hope, as we recognize that the Constitution does not include a so-called right to abortion. We are optimistic that Samuel Alito, as an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court, will help restore a nation that delivers justice for all, born and preborn."

Release issued: 22 Jan 06