Alfie's Army

April 27, 2018 09:00 AM

Alfie Evans, a 23-month-old baby with a rare condition, is currently fighting for his life because the British hospital where he is being cared for has decided that it, not Alfie's parents, knows what is best for him. The UK court system has decided in favor of this usurpation of both Alfie’s and his parent’s fundamental human rights. He and his family need our help!

Join ALL and LifeSiteNews in rallying behind Alfie and his parents with the following action items:

  1. E-mail British prime minister Theresa May demanding that Alfie—now a citizen of Italy—be released to allow for transfer to the Italian hospital that has offered him care.
  2. E-mail and call ( 44 020 7219 6813) the UK health minister Jeremy Hunt.
  3. E-mail the UK General Medical Council


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