Al Gore’s fatherly image

While some would say that the world-wide event "Live Earth" gave new impetus to Al Gore's alleged environmentally friendly efforts, I would have to say that putting a concert ahead of one's son is a poor example of priority setting. Al Gore III's arrest, while a mere blip on the world's radar screen,  could have been an opportunity for Al senior to change his plans, rush to his son's side and  do what he could to get to the bottom of why his son got into such trouble to begin with. It would have been the loving thing for a father to do even though it would have been inconvenient, what with a major concert a few days off, and all those photo ops coming up.

But of course, Al was preoccupied, and thus had "no comment" when several news reporters attempted to get in touch with him. But I have to ask what this says about a man who appears to place a very strong emphasis on making the world a more friendly place for coming generations. Where does Al Gore III fit into this? And why wouldn't an arrest that received at least some media attention remind Al Gore Jr. that there are times in life when one must take care of ones family before attempting to save the world?

I feel sorry for Al III. I know he was being reckless, is a 24 year old adult and made bail, got out of jail and is perhaps back to driving his environmentally friendly car, but his Dad never took the time to be there for him. And I have to wonder what that says about the family, their cohesiveness and their ability to provide unconditional love to the particular family member in need. The youngest child and only son of former vice president Al Gore might have benefited from a visit from his Dad.

Perhaps there is an inconvenient truth that Al needs to examine: on July 4th he failed his son because apparently his priorities were askew. If fatherhood has to take second place to saving the earth , maybe the Gore family needs to reassess whose world is really screwed up.