Abusing the English Language

When you've been involved in pro-life activities as long as I have, you can remember the wonderful Knights of Columbus effort, 25 years ago, to add the words "born and preborn" to the end of our Pledge of Allegiance. 

The last "official" line goes like this: "with liberty and justice for all." Well, adding "born and preborn" just made sense then and it still does now, perhaps at an even more urgent level.

Why am I telling you this? It seems the pro-abortion forces have chosen to add another phrase to their lexicon of mangled definitions designed to shroud the real meaning of  abortion rights. This time the term is "reproductive justice." Yep, that's right.

Perhaps you will react to this latest perversion the way I did, and groan. But the fact is that beginning with the word "choice," their hot new terms seem to catch on rather quickly in this age of the media's adoration of abortion and those who support it.

The article which I was reading compared the pro-life activists of today with the Ku Klux Klan of yesteryear and warned that people of color need better terminology to describe their desire to keep abortion safe and legal.

Quoting researcher Loretta Ross, the writer of this column claims that the pro-abortion movement must join their sisters in the struggle to preserve the right not to have a child. The writer comments, "Moving from 'pro-choice' to 'reproductive justice' may prove crucial in the Deep South — home to a fast growing Latino population — and towns like Montgomery, Ala. which is 50 percent black."

I am not quite sure precisely what intentional killing of preborn children of any color has to do with justice, but then my view of this world is based on what I know God wants for each of us, not what the demented members of the pro-abortion cartel want.