Abortion rhetoric – our own

Reading the pro-life commentary following and leading up to the annual March for Life always bothers me more than a little. I still read statements like this:

Up to 4,000 children are killed by abortion in America every single day.

Wait a minute! What about the little ones extinguished by the pill, and the huge number of little ones who die because of in vitro fertilization – which has led to human embryonic stem cell rsearch and God knows what else. Come on, pro-lifers; let’s get it right!

And then there’s this one:

53 percent of women obtaining abortions in the U.S. are younger than 25.

Say what? Are we talking about those who choose medical abortion, surgical abortion or techno abortion? The fact is that every one of those women is a mother who has decided that she prefers to be the mother of a dead baby rather than a living symbol of God’s gift of life.

If pro-lifers cannot get over themselves and their tired rhetoric, what do you expect the vast majority of Americans to do? I can just see Planned Parenthood and their ilk smacking their lips knowing the more babies are dying now than ever before. And that is due partially to pro-life rhetoric that is not completely accurate and certainly not instructive. Let’s get on with it and tell the truth in words that resonates with our fellow human beings.