Abortion Organization Links School Shootings to a Mother's Choice for Abortion

May 25, 2018 09:00 AM

A few weeks ago, we featured a ridiculous tweet by the organization calling itself Catholics for Choice (e.g., the choice to kill kids). This week we caught a couple of disturbing tweets from a pair of national extremist groups renowned for their abortion lobbying. 

Following last Friday’s high school shooting in Santa Fe, NARAL sent out a response tweet:


“Reproductive freedom” is abortion-speak for killing kids before they’re born. NARAL is trying to feign outrage for the killing of kids before graduating high school and calling it an issue of "reproductive freedom." It takes some kind of psychosis to develop this kind of rhetoric. Basically, everything NARAL wants to attach itself to is "an issue of reproductive freedom." Behold NARAL’s reproductive twitterrhea:





Any day now NARAL will be tweeting how access to Starbucks’ bathrooms is reproductive rights.

The abortion lobby’s crazy talk doesn’t end here. The National Organization for Women let its followers know that the NFL’s new regulation regarding the National Anthem is pro-domestic violence.


The brutalization of bodies, including “black and brown” ones, is NOW’s reason for existence. Babies can’t grow up to be athletes if Planned Parenthood is sucking their bodies apart before they’re born. 

One can imagine approaching the headquarters of these radical organizations and spotting a sign that reads “Self-Awareness Free Zone.”

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