Abortion Free Omaha?

Operation Rescue has announced the closing of Omaha's only abortion mill.While this is great news, there is a statement in the press release that gives me pause. It reads:

The owner of the mill, abortionist C. J. LaBenz, made national news in 1979, when it was revealed that he had ordered a nurse to abandon a late-term baby weighing 2 pound 9 ounce that was born alive during a saline abortion. The child was placed in a “dirty utility room” to cry unattended where he died two and a half hours later.

Do the math. When this living child was left to die 27 years ago, the community apparently went on with life and did not run the guy out of town on a rail. This leaves me stunned at the realization, once again, that Americans, even in the most pro-life areas of our country, are so apathetic that they could care less when a child — living and breathing — is left to die. Let alone being laissez-faire about the act of abortion, period. While I am happy for Omaha, I have to wonder just how long it will be before another abortionist, masquerading as an obstetrician, takes over the business. And when he or she does, who will care?