Abortion Causes 25% of Deaths in US; Defunding PP; Sedlak Speaks

March 9, 2018 09:00 AM

Research this week on the two topics of gun violence and abortion revealed that abortions account for 25 percent of all the deaths in the United States each year. The detailed numbers state the following: There are approximately 15,000 deaths a year from gun-related violence. If we include gun-related deaths from all sources (violent acts, accidental discharge, suicides, etc.), that number rises to a total of 38,000. The CDC reports that there are 2,712,630 deaths annually in the United States. Gun-related deaths from all sources account for about 1.5 percent of all deaths.

The deaths of babies in the womb are not counted in the national statistics of deaths in the United States. Although the exact number of these deaths is not known, the widely accepted estimate is that there are 920,000 medical and surgical abortions in the United States each year. Each of these abortions kills an innocent human being. If we add that number to the annual US death toll, there are about 3,632,630 deaths from all causes in the United States. Abortion can then be seen as accounting for 25 percent of all deaths in the United States each year.

At the Oscars last Sunday night, Cecile Richards made a surprise appearance on stage as one of 10 background activists during an anti-NRA rap song protesting violence. In light of the statistics just presented, her participation in the NRA protest is simply ridiculous. Planned Parenthood kills 321,384 innocent human beings a year and its president has the gall to protest against violence?

The members of the US House of Representatives are trying, once again, to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood. See this week’s Action Item for more information and learn what you can do to help.

We’ve told you that Planned Parenthood will be very politically active in all 50 states this year. As an example, here is what Karrie Galloway, representing the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, said at a rally in Utah (as reported by the Deseret News):

We need to make sure we are registered to vote. We need to make sure we know who we are voting for. We need to make sure we know what that person stands for. Or we could run for office. . . . A lot has happened at the Utah Legislature during its 45-day session. . . . If the women and sisters who are here with us have inspired you, or if something the Legislature (has) done has discouraged you, you must speak out. We have learned from teens in Florida, we have learned from MeToo and TimeOut that we have to speak our truth.

Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League and founder of STOPP International, will speak this weekend at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Shrub Oak, New York. The title of his talk is The Problems with Planned Parenthood. Also speaking at this event sponsored by the parish pro-life committee are members of Good Counsel, who provide housing and other means of assistance to pregnant women, mothers, and babies.

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