Abortion A Motherly Act?

How strange it is for me to receive an editorial from The Times in Great Britain on the day after more than 30 people were gunned down at Virginia Tech. Strange because the title of the commentary is "Abortion: why it's the ultimate motherly act."

Imagine a woman writing about the murderous act of abortion as the motherly thing to do. How very disturbing; how very understandable in a world where so many women have surrendered their motherhood on the surgical table of an abortion mill.

The writer of this article, Caitlin Moran, is such a mother … the mother of a dead child. Perhaps she cannot live with her choice and so she fantasizes about the "good deed" she performed.

Perhaps reality is too frightening for her. She writes, "If women are, by biology, commanded to host, shelter, nurture and protect life, why should they not be empowered to end life too?"

Moran has two living children and, she tells the reader, she aborted a third child last year. She says it was one of the least difficult decisions of her life. She says she was simply too tired to have a baby. She also says, "I didn't want another child, in the same way that I don't suddenly want to move to Canada or buy a horse."

Need I quote further? She is telling us that a child and his or her fate is on a par with buying a horse. How much more dehumanizing can you get? I guess, for those of us who live in Virginia, we know part of that answer: 34 years of murdering the innocent in utero was bound to have consequences. 

Violence does beget violence.