Aborting Truth

A recent headline caught my attention on a number of levels because it had to do with demographics and abortion. The headline read,  “U.S. Abortion Rate at 30-Year Low,” and the source for this story was none other than Planned Parenthood’s own Alan Guttmacher Institute. Knowing that the AGI is no bastion of ethical integrity, I decided to look into this a bit.

One of the main reasons why the AGI issues such statements is not so that it can celebrate the fact that fewer preborn children are being slaughtered by surgical means, but so it can encourage the spending of more and more money on what it calls “contraceptive services.”

As AGI's president, Sharon Camp, states in the AGI's press release

 Many Americans will welcome the news that there are fewer abortions, particularly among teens, and that a larger proportion of abortions are now happening very early in pregnancy. But at the same time, abortions are becoming more concentrated among women of color and low-income women. This presents a clear challenge to policymakers to redouble their efforts to improve access to subsidized contraceptive services for these women, thereby helping them to prevent the unintended pregnancies behind these abortions from occurring in the first place.

This is what I call promoting silent death by chemicals rather than messy death by surgical instruments. The AGI is not concerned about the poor and about women of color! It is determined to market the products that provide a great deal of income for organizations like Planned Parenthood. Thus, the recent study results reek of hidden agendas.

Furthermore, the AGI and its collaborators within the culture of death deny that popular contraceptives actually cause the death of a preborn child prior to implantation. Planned Parenthood says, "Some people say that the pill works by keeping a fertilized egg from attaching to the lining of the uterus. But there is no proof that this actually happens."

But many medical experts, including noted endocrinologist Dr. Maria Kraw, heartily disagree. In a news report about Dr. Kraw’s statements we read,

If abortion is defined as "any interruption in the normal development of the embryo," methods that "prevent implantation" are abortive. Breakthrough ovulation rates (fertilization occurs, but implantation fails), for example, can happen in up to one third of cycles on the pill. In combined hormonal birth control pills, this occurs from 1.7% to 28.6% per cycle, whereas with progestin-only pills, fertilization rates are from 33% to 65% per cycle.

Clearly, based on the facts at hand, the headlines proclaiming a decline in abortion numbers do not tell the full story.

But there is something even more sinister at work here, because it seems that news reporters are no longer interested in investigative efforts or alternative views. They will not challenge the AGI nor will they do a little independent research. As a matter of fact, when I read the statements in the media relating to the AGI study, I did not see a single doubt expressed nor did I detect any hesitation to take the AGI at its word.

If I had written the Los Angeles Times article on this study, I would have asked the following:

  • After more than 35 years of decriminalized child killing by abortion, doesn’t anyone think that the actual numbers of those women capable of bearing children has declined?

  • Doesn’t that in and of itself have something to do with lower surgical abortion rates?

  • And what about all those females who’ve been ingesting birth control of one type or another over the past decades and find that they are sterile? Those women cannot bear children because they are infertile, thanks to the pill.

Well, none of these troubling aspects of the contraceptive culture are mentioned. If they were, some pretty tough questions would have been asked of Sharon Camp and her allies, but then again, the media darlings don’t go there.

As my fellow pro-life warrior Jim Rudd wrote yesterday, as a preface to his listing of so-called mainstream news media articles on the AGI's latest twaddle,

News of this "Abortion Demographic" report, splattered all over the corporate news media this morning, is from Planned Parenthood's Guttmacher Institute. That's like the fox guarding the hen house has published a "troubling report" on how many eggs are not being laid. Besides, we already know that more underage girls and young women today are aborting babies by using Bush's Plan B — The Morning After Pill — which the Guttmacher Institute does not count as abortion! Therefore, any "demographic" abortion reports from Guttmacher can be trusted no further than a man can pick up the Washington Monument and throw it.

While Planned Parenthood celebrates its own manufactured statistics, the rest of us need to keep raising serious questions, focusing on the facts and teaching the truth to our fellow Americans.